Sri Sadguru Foundation - Seva Programs

1. Chali Vendram in Summer in more than 10 Locations
2. Tree Plantation (more than 20,000 plants)
3. Personality Development programs for Students
4. Notebooks Distribution to needy Students
5. Medical Camps
6. Blood Donation camps
7. Blankets Distribution in winter for needy people.
8. Special Satsangams for Men, Women and Children to Educate and Empower them in multiple aspects and Live Happy Life

and many more...

Satsanagam Programmes
In Every Month, Sri Prabodhananda Dr. G. Veerabhadram Guruvu Garu invited to give their valuable Pravachanams in several locations. 

- First Thursday, "Upanishads Pravachanam" in Sri Sadguru Ashramam - Achala Peetam, Ramachandrapuram.
- Second Thursday, "Bhagavad Gita Pravachanam" in Sri Sadguru Satsangam, Yellandu.
- Fourth Thursday, "Bhagavad Gita Pravachanam" in Sri Sai Satsanga Mandiram, Tekulapalli.
- Third Monday, "Bhagavad Gita Pravachanam" in Sri Siva Satsangam, Aatma Lingeshwara Swamy Temple, Palvancha.
- First Sunday, "Sri Gayatri Homam" in Sri Sadguru Ashramam, "Muthyalamma Thalli Satsangam" in Ramachandrapuram.

And also several Special Satsangams in multiple areas as invited by committee.

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